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Hii, this is Abhinay Kumar from Ranchi, India. There’s only one author now that is me. I am a student of BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application ) at Delhi University, Delhi. I opted for BCA because my interest was in technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) since childhood that’s why I always used to learn about technology-related news and articles.

Why did I start blogging in this field?

As I described above I have much more interest in technology and blogging. Before starting this website I used to write articles on Wemedia platform in this field. They used to pay us for every article based on their views, originality, grammatical corrections, and much more. And I got the idea to own a website so I started blogging.


I started blogging to follow my passion it was one of the parts of my dream job. And I also mentioned above that I used to write articles on Wemedia platform. I started from there and now I am blogging on a website and want to spread it among all people which are interested in the Technology area. Want to develop a big website where many people will read our articles, and also many people can write articles for them.

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